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General Permission

The Bureau of Temporal Regulation

As the Bureau of Temporal Regulation is an interdimensional organization tasked with keeping the timeline straight (a very thankless job), the BTR is familiar with a great many cultures that have developed time travel. If your pups are from such a culture and a regular time traveler, or at least deals with time travel on a regular basis, feel free to have encountered the BTR at some point or have knowledge of them, including having contact with a liaison between your pup's government and the BTR.

Weyland himself is not personally familiar with a great many worlds, however he at least has access to knowledge of various time traveling civilizations through a database he carries. He also would have the phone numbers, or equivalent, to any liaison between the BTR and a time traveling society.

The BTR preaches non-interference and frown upon any one making changes to the timeline. They will also levy fines upon anyone that violates the timeline. (List of Temporal Violations)

The head of the BTR is Minister Harriet Andertown-Stovely

If your pup has had some fun with time travel or is from a time traveling society, please let me know how you would like Weyland to handle it, be it knowing about them or not!

This doesn't mean that Weyland has actually met them but whether or not the BTR would have contacts with their society or have interacted with your character at some point. Like having been fined by some other BTR agent which would be listed in Weyland's computer Database.

Feel free to handwave previous interactions with a humorless bureaucrat with a penchant for paperwork and absolute disgust at the idea of going back in time to make make the world a better place or time travel for fun or things of that nature.
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Regulators' Equipment

A regulator is issued several standard pieces of equipment to help them deal with their job. As they are pencil pushers a great deal of this equipment looks like something a office worker would use.

1. Temporal Computer/database: This looks like an ordinary daytimer complete with turnable pages. However, it allows a regulator to access information about various temporal events that should be happening and thus so they know what has gone wrong, take notes that will be transferred to the BTR databases for future reference, fill out forms and other such useful things.

2. Somebody Else’s problem fields (watches)

3. Temporal implants to allow time travel.

4. Memory wiping/device making pen

5. Paperwork

6. Stun guns (they don’t use actual weapons because that really might screw up the timeline.)
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Player Information
Name: Kippur
Age: Please verify you are over the age of 18 Way over.
Contact: Email/AIM/Plurk/Other kippur.rp@gmail.com AIM: kippurbirdy, Plurk: kippur
Characters Already in Medietas: Rory McCallum
Reserve Link: http://medietas-mods.dreamwidth.org/1679.html?thread=307087#cmt307087

Character Basics
Name: Weyland Falker (Eriksen but prefers Falkner)
Character Journal: [Bad username or unknown identity: ”weylandtime”]
Canon: Fandom or non-fandom? None-ish
Age: Approximate age is fine. This is mostly for characters who are older than they look. Mid-Twenties
PB/Icon: http://v.dreamwidth.org/10044464/2494177

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Violation Classes 
(a work in progress)
  1. Class One Accidental time travel within 100 years of home time (either direction).
    1. a No changes
      1. Do not try to find a way back
    2. b. Accidental changes
      1. Do not try to repair time line 
      2. Do not try to find a way back
    3. Intentional changes
      1. Do not try to find a way back
  2. Class Two: Intentional time travel within 100 years of home time (either direction)
    1. No changes
      1. Do not try to find a way back
    2. Accidental changes
      1. Do not try to repair the timeline
      2. Do not try to find a way back
    3. Intentional changes
      1. Do not try to repair the timeline
      2. Do not try to find a way back.
  3. Class Three: Killing Hitler or other major Historical Figure (HF). (AKA not this one again.)
    1. Deliberately going back in time to kill historical figure
      1. Do not try to find a way back
    2. Accidentally going back in time but deciding to kill HF
      1. Do not try to find a way back
    3.  Unintentionally killing HF
      1. Do not try to repair the timeline
  4. Class Four Going back in time and creating technology unsuited for the time period AkA Damn Yankee. (From Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court)
    1. Intentionally going back in time to do so.
      1. To become a god or other sort of figure
      2. To “help” the people of the past
    2. Unintentionally going back in time and do so
      1. Become a god or other sort of figure
      2. Try to help people of the past

15. Class Fifteen  Time loops aka Fucking Time Loops
15. a. Create time loop with no impact on historical events.
15. b. Create time loop that if undone will cause a major civilization to no longer exist.

16 Class Sixteen. Member of a time traveling race (ie. Time Lords) Aka Fuck off.

19. Class Nineteen: Intentionally creating a mixed timeline situation with individuals from multiple timelines within one.
19. a For amusement value.
19. b. For experimentation 
20: Class Twenty: Causing a complete rupture in the space time continuum. 


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